Admission: All 3 Attractions (Museum, Science Gallery & Planetarium)

Admission includes entry into the Museum Galleries, the Science Gallery, and timed entry into a Planetarium show of your selection.

Admission: All 3 Attractions (Pyjama Days: Dec 26 to Jan 4)

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Admission includes entry into the Museum Galleries, timed entry into the Science Gallery, and timed entry into a Planetarium show of your selection.

Get ready to celebrate all things winter at the Manitoba Museum this holiday season! Bring along your family and friends to complete our Spot the Snowman scavenger hunt. Watch cool-as-ice science demonstrations! Enjoy a Planetarium show in Manitoba s largest full-dome theatre.

Premiering December 26, our new family show Beyond the Sun, follows the adventures of Celeste and the moon as they a journey through the Universe to discover what exoplanets are and how they can be detected.

Admission: Museum Galleries

Admission includes entry into the Museum Galleries: Travel through millions of years as you journey from north to south across Manitoba's vast and varied landscape, from the icy arctic coast to the windswept prairies. Our nine interpretive galleries explore the interrelationship of people and their environment.

Admission: Planetarium - Explore

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Admission includes one-time entry into the Planetarium show, Explore.

Explore, takes audiences to Mars, with stops throughout history to discover the knowledge needed to voyage to other worlds. From the first skywatchers trying to understand the motions of the heavens, to the future generation of explorers who will travel to Mars, Explore follows humanity's drive to explore our universe.


Admission: Science Gallery

Admission includes entry into the Science Gallery: Test the universal laws of science and explore the wonders of technology and illusion in the Manitoba Museum's Science Gallery.

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